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Getting started

When you decide it's time, I will not only help sell your home, but I'll also help you through the entire process. Being a full-service agent means I take care of everything from staging your property, creating and placing advertising, finding the best buyer for you, negotiating the selling price, handling paperwork and inspections, and ensuring a smooth transaction.



1. Prepare

Once you know you're going to sell, you'll want to start the process of decluttering, cleaning, & painting the home.

2. Advertise

Together, we will determine a good price to sell your home and use a wide variety of strategic tools to market your property.

3. Show it

We will show your home to potential buyers, negotiate offers, and get the home under contract.

4. Sell

Once the buyer has completed inspections and all financing has been obtained, you will hand over the keys to the new owner! 

Contact me to get started!  |  Tel: 513-600-6938

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